Xiaojing | Ruby Fu

Miller Fellow 2018-2021

I study the motions of fluids underground and how they shape our natural and engineered environments.  In pursuit of such knowledge,

I pay special attention to the roles of fluid mechanical instability,

phase transitions, chemical reactions and fluid-solid interactions.  


My approach is often mathematical and computational and

my primary tools are phase-field modeling and high-resolution numerical simulations.  However, my work benefits tremendously

from collaborations with experimentalists and field-going scientists.


My work is applied to a wide range of geoscience problems, 

including gas hydrate systems, geologic carbon sequestration, hydrology and volcanic systems.

In Spring 2021, I will start as an assistant professor in the department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering at California Institute of Technology. If you are interested in working with me, I encourage you to get in touch.



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